Proper to Improper English, or Improper to Proper

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Some Irish words and phrases translated into English

  • Crisps = Chips
  • Chips - Crisps
  • The Press (ex. "The candy is in the press") = The Cabinet 
  • What's the crack? (has nothing to do with narcotics) = What's up, or how's it going?
  • Torch = flashlight
  • Lift = Elevator
    • 1st floor = 2nd floor,  G = 1st Floor
  • The Feeder (slang) = The commuter bus
  • Series = Season
  • Pudding US (Delicious creamy sweet substance) = Pudding IE (sausage disk thing that is not delicious, sweet, or creamy) They do have pudding but it is apparently just called sweet dairy product
  • Fanny IE (term for girls front area) = Fanny US (term for a person's rear area)
  • Jumper = Sweater
  • Hoover = Vacuum
  • The Jacks = The John = The Men's Room