My Airline Rankings

I haven't flow on all of the airlines to chose from but I have flown a lot in general. So of the airlines I have flown here is my rankings from highest to lowest. 

1. Delta 
I have found the service when flying internationally to be decent on Delta along with reasonably priced flights. The service is good and occasionally they might serve food that is editable. Overall they are consistent and I know what to expect when I fly them. Another plus to Delta is they have an on time ranking that is higher than most airlines. 

2. Alaska Airlines
This is who I usually fly with when in the US. They aren't the cheapest but I've always found them to be consistent and good. They are also one of the two airlines I have rewards miles with. And since they are partners with a bunch of other airlines I use, it is easy for me to collect miles.

3. Aer Lingus
I've flown quite a bit in Europe on Aer Lingus and the quality of service, flight times, etc. has been very consistent. Not necessarily the best service I've had but decent. And so far they have always arrived on time for me and the prices are usually reasonable in comparison to other large airlines.

4. British Airways
I've never had any problems with this airline. They have good in-flight selections, they have always gotten me to my location on time and never lost my luggage. Plus on a long international flight once, they bumped me up in class, and those first and business class passengers sure travel well. At one point BA was my number one pick but I've since dropped them to 4th place. My last flight was crammed into the back of the plain. I'm not a big guy so leg space generally doesn't bother me but that flight it did. I would say it was the least leg space I've ever dealt with. On top of that the audio from my headset didn't work and the tiny TV screen on the seat in front of me cut in-and-out. And finally the air-conditioning wasn't the best leaving everyone in the back smelly and unhappy.

Also almost all there flights go through Heathrow which is one of the worst airport to fly through and I always avoid it if I can.

5. Southwest
The nickname is "cattle air" for the way they herd people on to the plane in a mad dash for the best seats. I almost always get stuck of a plan full of children making noise to the point that I've stopped using this airline. On the plus side tickets are usually cheap, and for people on a budget and who don't mind children or are traveling with them and being treated like a barn animal I'd recommend this airline.

6. Lufthansa
I've found Lufthansa to be more price than what you get in return. But they do travel to a lot of locations and since they are German you can trust they will get you to your destination on time.

7. United
This has to be the most inconstant airline I have ever flown. I have my airline mileage program through them so I have flow this airline quite a bit and sometimes the service is good and sometimes it's awful. Sometimes the plane is nice and well kept, sometimes the seat is jammed and won't lean back and the TV won't work. Totally random as to what I am going to get when I fly them.

8. Air Canada

No in-flight entertainment. Yes an international flight from Ireland to Toronto and back with no in-flight entertainment. They do offer WiFi that connects to tablets so you can access their in-flight entertainment system that way. Unfortunately I couldn't connect to it, and neither could the people sitting around me. Would have been nice except for no one can get to work. They will also offer to rent you an iPad with the software installed and ready to work. Once I did get the plugin installed it was choppy playback and reset the movie to the beginning each time there was an announcement.

9. Ryan Air
They have a reputation for bad service but I actually found the service to be very good. And of course the prices are good, assuming you aren't checking luggage. The only reason I'm giving them such a low score is they usually only fly to airports I don't want to fly into, and the flights are non-stop sales pitches. The speakers and stewards constantly trying to get passengers to buy things to offset the cost of the low ticket price. And the yellow seats give me a headache to look at.

10. JetBlue
My girlfriend and I weren't given option of selecting seat in advance and when we were checked in we were stuck in two separate seats opposite sides of plane and we each had middle seats. When we tried getting seats next to each other at the check in they were not really helpful unless we wanted to pay an extra 80 each.

After getting on board it took longer for everyone to sit because we were all asking each other about seat swaps. I ended up swapping. It didn't get me closer to the person I wanted to sit next but I did get an aisle seat instead of the middle seat I started off with. Eventually my travel companion had her neighbor switch with me. A good decision for that person a bad one for me as the seat I ended up with had a dancing guy and baby next to me the whole flight. 

The return flight we were stuck in the very last row next to the bathroom with a broken tv that only had the jet blue tv channel showing. But on the plus side, we did get to sit next to each other. 

11. Air France
It was a hard choice as to which is worse, Air France or America. I generally try to avoid Air France almost as much as American Airlines. And I won't fly either airline if I can avoid them, but American Still wins even after my Air France experience when flying out of Dublin.

12.  American Airlines
My worst travel experience was on this airline. It involved my lost luggage being sent to another country, multiple broken down planes, and terrible service. If I can manage without ever flying this airline again I will. And that is just one experience. I had to use this airline one other time and the plane was in such poor condition I thought it might fall out of the sky.