Back at The Royalton Hicacos

Waking up we were happy to find that the sun was shining and our all-inclusive breakfast was delicious. As we were on vacation and making the best of a bad situation we finished breakfast and promptly found ourselves a place by the pool to relax, swim, and relax some more while waiting for The Royalton Hicacos to send someone over to pick us up. The children running around making noise made the relaxing difficult, the drinks however helped balance it out and made relaxing easier. The pick-up didn't happen until after lunch so I killed some time taking picture of the fountain in the lobby upside down.

I will give The Royalton Hicacos credit for making up for our bad arrival experience. Edwardo the reservation manager met us as the hotel to apologize for the problem and lead us over to the other hotel. After taking us back to the hotel we wanted, he offered us a free tour or to cover our previous night's stay, a glass of Champagne, and was very accommodating.

While waiting we ran into a German couple who had also been sent to the other hotel. They were stuck over there for two nights instead of one line us, but apparently the experience they had was worse. They didn't really want to talk about it at all.

Our room still wasn't ready so they took our bags and showed us around the resort including where we would find lunch and get towels for the pool.  So we had some food and spent the rest of the day waiting for our room by the pool.

A drink at the swim up bar in the pool

Swans waiting in the room