What do you do when you only have one full day in Glasgow, Scotland? Try this out.

1 –  Get woken up at 5:00 am by the sound of doors closing because the executive suite room you paid extra for at the Glasgow Marriott put you in a room across from the service elevator and closet, which is also right next to the executive lounge, and the room next door has been turned into conference room. Put a pillow over head and attempt to sleep, but spend most of the morning tossing and turning due to a combination of the doors shutting and bed of rocks you are sleeping on that some people might have once considered a bed.

2 – Finally drag your lazy ass out of bed around 9:00 and take a shower in the shower that doesn’t stay a consistent temperature and keeps fluctuating between hot and cold.

3 – Have a quick breakfast at the executive lounge that you had to be let into, because the room card you have doesn’t work, even though it should because the executive lounge was included in your booking.

4 – Go downstairs to the regular breakfast restaurant and try a bite of haggis, don’t finish the haggis, and have a normal breakfast.

5 –  Leave the hotel and walk towards the Glasgow Cathedral with a stop at the Glasgow Modern Art Museum. No need to spend a bunch of time at a museum because it’s modern art after all.

6 – Arrive at the Glasgow Cathedral just as it is starting to rain. Tour around the cathedral while waiting for the rain to stop

7 – In the rain continue to up the really fantastic looking cemetery on the hill behind the cathedral.8 – Arrive at the top of the hill just as the wind and rain is at it highest.

9 – Walk back down the hill as the rain finally lets up and the sun comes out.

10 – Lunch break

11 – Take a cab to Auchentoshan distillery

12 – Tour distillery

13 – Take the train back to the hotel for a swim in the pool, and be disappointed by the lack of a hot tub.

14 – Dinner at a local pub

15 – Leave pub and go to sample multiple brands of whisky at The Pot Still

16 – Drag drunk ass back to the hotel for a drunken shag before calling it a night

Note: If you have a vehicle I would recommend modifying this try and skip the museum and ad the Glengoyne distillery to the tour along with the  Auchentoshan distillery.