Was it a step up or a step down? It’s hard to say, but the Bonneville T100 went away, and the BMW took it’s place.

From 865cc’s to 800cc’s, isn’t a big change in numbers but, it sure is noticeably different in the ride. The Bonnie looked cool, was fun to ride, and looked like a classic.


The BMW has heated grips, ABS, and all kind of other cool features but isn’t  as much fun to ride.

So why did I do it? As much as I love the Bonneville, I want to do some road trips and at 60 miles per gallon, and plenty of accessories to do it with, the BMW is the right choice for the job.

But now that the Bonneville has gone away, I think I might have to keep an eye on craigslist this winter to see if I can become a two bike guy. One for needs, the other for fun.