We watch movies, read book and blogs, and think about getting on the motorcycle and riding the open roads into an adventure. Is this a romanticized sense of adventure, or is there something on our nature that compels us to leave the crowds of the city, and see where the world takes us?

Having made multiple road trips by car, I’ve always wanted to repeat the trips on a motorcycle. The wind, the sites, and the places I might not see otherwise. Yet, the question has to be asked, will any of this happen? Or is it more likely that my trip will consist of one traffic filled town or city to the next, eating at the same fast food restaurants? Will I meet interesting people to swap stories with at the campsites, or will I lay awake in my tent at night, listening to the group at the next site over blasting crappy music and shouting in alcohol-induced delusions that the partying at the campsite is somehow better than the regular party at someone’s house?

There is only one way to find out what is going to happen: Get on the bike, packed full of gear, kiss the loved ones goodbye and head down the road to find out.