Leaving Burns there is a hundred and some odd mile stretch of roadway.
The road is fantastic, but does have one flaw. The flaw being not much selection of gasoline. According to the map there is a junction called Burns Junction. Since it is an intersection of two connecting roads, once of which is a highway there has to be gas.
As I get closer the motorcycle is telling me I about about 40 miles left before I run out. notice the low fuel light.
No problem I think, as the junction shouldn’t be to far away. And I was right, it wasn’t to far away, and I was right, there was a gas station. The only problem, the gas station closed down about a year ago.
There was a lady with a friendly little dog who lived in the area. She told me the closest place was a little stopping point called Rome. They were going to charge “an arm and a leg” but they were only 15 miles away. Even though it was in the wrong direction I had to make the ride, as the other direction was 50 miles to the nearest station. Upon arriving in Rome I found the station, and with about 10 miles left to go, I put 3.8 gallons of gas into my 4.2 gallon tank.