Worried about my sick dog I decided to spend all day Saturday riding home. After a nice night’s sleep in hotel just west of Boise I headed north of 55 bright and early, for my final stretch of really nice riding. The road followed a river most of the way through small towns, nice curves, and plenty of trees to keep me from getting to hot. I had to make a quick stop in a local store to replace my lost earplugs, and of course stops for gas and food, but beyond that it was all bike time.
Heading through Lewiston I was back in Washington State. Still not ready for the interstate, I was able to race along some fantastic roads through miles and miles of Eastern Washington farmland.
Not a lot of pictures taken at this point, mostly just a mad dash to get home. A quick stop in Ellensburg for dinner then off to Seattle and home. It was around 11 that night when I made it. about 14 hours of riding. And, lots of dead bugs.