Star Date Unknown – Posting this after the fact.
Exhausted, reek of sweat, and not really sure if my luggage will be transferred to my flight from Johannesburg to Harare. but at least the people at the sky lounge at the airport in South Africa let me in, not really knowing if I should be, since I doubt I have enough miles to justify the fancy lounge space. And they were able to lookup my bag status. According to what they have, my bag was or will be transferred to my flight. Having lost luggage in the past (on American Airlines) I hope it makes it since I’m on British this time. Mostly for the Ambien I have in my overnight back and I’ll need to sleep tonight. Even though I’m so tired my head hurts, I know well enough that there is the potential to go to be somewhere, wherever that may be, and not be able to fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.
On the flight down I realized that I’ve flown quite a bit this year and am getting pretty tired of it, so I think next year will be a no fly year, at least that will be the plan. Next summer hopefully will be a motorcycle road trip and no flying. And even though there is supposedly a w-fi network  here in the lounge, that my computer says has 4 bars in this lounge, I can’t seem to get this computer to actually connect to it.