Leaving Dublin by bus it is only a few hours to Galway, Ireland. And having a three day Easter weekend it only made sense to take a trip over for the weekend. We arrived in the afternoon on Friday and after a bit of a misdirection checked into our hotel and spa. After which, we went to check out the town and the massive crowds roaming the streets. We lucked out in finding McDonagh’s where I had a fantastic fish and chips.
It turned out there was a food festival in town this weekend as well, so Saturday was spent exploring the town, eating food, and taking pictures. Galway is a total tourist town so performing any tasks did involve working through the crowds and past all the shops. But as tourist towns go, it really isn’t a bad one as there is plenty to enjoy for everyone over a weekend. 
It helped that the Irish weather was sunny and beautiful for the weekend. 

crowds at the market

crowds in the streets

more crowds in the streets
reading near the old Spanish arch

Galway Cathedral