For anyone who hasn’t used a Holga camera, they are a plastic Chinese camera used for film photography. The fun part of shooting with a Holga is not seeing what the image will come out like until it is developed. Light might leak through the camera onto the film. The blur or softness of the lens, with no depth of field, is the fun in shooting with a Holga Lens. No technology required to get a great effect. The downside is they are film cameras, and these days it is getting expensive to shoot film. So, the company came out with a Holga lens that can be attached to a DSLR camera. The effects are not quite as unique as each shot on a film Holga, the lens on a DSLR is going to be consistent. But it’s still fun to shoot with.

So with that in mind, I took my Canon EOS 40D and Holga lens and went to Dun Laoghaire to find the world’s most depressing carnival.

All pictures are exactly as taken, no Instagram or Photoshop effects added


















So what do you think, was the challenge a success or a fail?