Tuesday wasn’t too bad. Sure we had to eat our buffet breakfast indoors again because of the poor outdoor table arrangements, and the service was slow to clear the tables. But the day was good in the sense that we were able to go into town and check out the Kyrenia Castle.

cooling off in the shade


tiny church in the middle of the castle. All around it built up over the centuries since.


the view


the view

I got a much-needed haircut and barber style shave from a proper Turkish barber, and when we did arrive back at the hotel, we visited the Turkish bath for body scrubs and foam massages that left us feeling clean and rejuvenated. I have to give them props for the massages. Basically, the lady takes you into a large batch steam room, wets and soaps you down, and then proceeds to give you a massage and scrub. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a happy ending, which unfortunately wasn’t offered, but the massage was still worth it.

Wednesday was a long day with a visit to Buffavento Castle. There are three levels to this castle that have continually been built up over the centuries.


This tree was growing on top of one of the walls.




view of the town below
 From there it was to Bellapais Abbey. Both beautiful locations and well worth seeing.



Note: All pictures were taken with my GoPro, so that’s why they are all off.

Tired and hot we made our way back to the pool for some relaxing in the sun, and occasional swim to our favorite bands from the 90’s on rotation.

Having gone all week without getting an outside table for dinner, we decided to wait for one to open up. So we sat in some open chairs on the side and watched. It wasn’t long before a table opens up and I started walking over to it to grab it before anyone else. At which point one of the people working there tries to sit another couple at the table. I didn’t even know it was an option to get one of them to seat people. Anyway, I went up and say that we had been waiting on it. The waiter of course, not speaking English tries to sit them anyway. Luckily the other couple does and is nice and lets us have the table. As previously mentioned there was plenty of seating at the table, so we offered to share, but they decided to sit inside. The waiter never came back to take our drink orders. The lack of service in the cafeteria styled dining room was a running theme throughout the week. They probably would have made twice as much money off us if they had bothered to check on us at any time.

The evening waiting back in our room was the welcome smell of sewage coming from the ventilation system.