We rode back from the resort wondering what was in wait for us at the Malpas. Would we be back in the same room, a different but worse room, or could we hope that it would be a better room? In the end, it turned out the only useful employee they have hooked us up with a better view room, and working air-condition with no smells coming out of it. The shower even drained properly. It was across the hall from our old room, and what an amazing difference that made. So, for our last day, we decided to spend it like our first day, getting massages and relaxing by the pool. HK made the correct choice and went for another bubble massage. I, however, decided to try a regular full body 60 minute massage. And I say unfortunately because it was a pretty sad massage. She didn’t work the muscles, spending most of the time just rubbing oil on me, and instead of 60 minutes, she gave me 50 minutes with an extra 10 to just lay and relax after she was done. If I wanted to rest for 10 minutes, I could have done that without paying for it.

That night we managed to get another outside table and have our last dinner with a couple of drinks. Instead of whiskey and coke, I went with rum and coke. We ate our food and went over to the bar area to listen to the music they had playing outside to enjoy a couple more drinks.

“This taste like smoky scotch,” I said after taking my first drink of the second round the waitress brought us.

“They don’t taste any different” HK responded after taking a sip of mine and then comparing it to her JD and coke.

Up to that point, the drinks had been pretty good. One of the few nice things about the place, on the occasions, when we could actually get one, or went to the bar and ordered directly. The drinks were stronger than the low alcohol ones we were used to receiving in Ireland. We decided to forgo another round of drinks and call in a night for an early morning wake-up and the end of what amounted to a good/bad trip. So much potential, such a lovely country, but so crappy as well.