Actor, Writer

It was a conscious choice on my part to primarily limit the contents of this blog to my photography and writing work and not post anything in regards to small film and performance stuff.  I have posted a couple of links to videos like “No Budget” a YouTube show I host, but that is about it. If you are interested in keeping up with any of my limited work in that field here are a few links to follow or subscribe.

No Budget

This is a YouTube show about no-budget filmmaking. We discuss areas that we find useful to other indie filmmakers, we do interviews, and a few tutorials.

YoBella Studios

This is my video production company. It used to be my photography company, but that has now branched off into D Studios Photography with YoBella being exclusively about film and video.

D Studios

This is my business specific to Ireland. The photography studio is located in city center and is one of Dublin’s premier family and portrait studios. The media company focuses on promotional video, event videography, and editing.

And if you really want, you can follow my personal YouTube channel as well. It is mostly just random crap. Here is a playlist of videos that I have either made or performed in.