This tutorial will show how to have Photoshop automatically add copyright info to images whenever you save them.

 First create an action: 

  1. Go to the Action Pallet > create new action
  2. Name the action copyright
  3. Hit record Go to File Menu > File Info
  4. In the copyright notice field, insert your copyright information
  5. Select copyrighted for copyright status
  6. Hit OK
  7. Go back to the actions pallet and hit stop recording

Now go to the Script Event Manager to set it up to save automatically: 

  1. Go to File > Scripts > Script Event Manager
  2. Check Enable Events to Run Scripts/Action:
  3. In the Photoshop Event field, select when you want the info to be added. I selected Save Document
  4. Select Action button > Default Action > then copyright
  5. Hit the Add button
  6. Hit Done