The nice thing about this tutorial on how to add a frame or border around an image in Photoshop is the steps haven’t really changed from previous versions. So if you using the most recent version of creative cloud 2017 or one of the older CS versions, the steps should be the same.


1.      Add extra canvas around the image. Select Image > Canvas Size.
2.      Click the Relative checkbox and enter the amount of extra canvas in the Width and Height boxes
o   Choose if you want this set by inches, centimeters, or a percentage of the image size
3.      Click the middle of the nine squares to add space around all four sides of the image
o   To adjust one side more than the others, select the arrow in that direction
From the Canvas Extension Color list, choose the color to use for the new area.
4.      This option is available only if the image has a background layer—the color is added to the background layer regardless of which layer is currently selected. If your image doesn’t have a background layer, this option is grayed-out and a transparent area is added around the image