As a performer I started out on the stage with roles in “The Girl in The Freudian Slip,” “Table Settings,” and “The World of Carl Sandburg.” In Seattle I spent some time attempting to make a living as an actor mostly working as an extra and background performer. Over the past few years I have gotten back into acting and have performed in short films such as “Happy Meal” and “Room to Let.”

I do a bit of work behind the camera, and have produced and directed numerous films including “The Social Experiment” which won the Special Jury Award at the Wexford Documentary Film Festival in 2016, and a film noir called “Dirty Money.” Also, I have done some work as a cinematographer on such movies as the award-winning “The Lion’s Share.” I am also a hosts on the show No Budget for independent filmmakers.

Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in hiring me for a role.


Skits and Shorts:

Here are a few links to some skits and shorts that are available online. Most of these were done on the fly with friends, for the fun of it, or as part of weekend film making challenges. Enjoy!