Talk about a long flight. From the northwest tip of the United States to the south of South America. Standard seating, people crammed into a plane, and just the natural unpleasantness of flying. So, we were glad to arrive in Buenos Aires, even as exhausted as we were. Rather than find the cheapest method to the hotel such as a subway or bus, we took an overpriced taxi to get from the airport to the hotel.

Entering the building we walked down a corridor on a cold white porcelain floor to check-in with the man behind the counter whose English was as bad as our Spanish. He didn’t seem to care too much about checking us in, what room we took, or really if we existed at all. From there to the antique elevator that barely fit two people in it to the room. A room that did have an air conditioner to help with the heat. However, the air-conditioning was roughly the same decibel level as the Boeing jet engines that few us to the country. So, it was a toss-up throughout the night as to sleep in some silence while sweating to death or turning it on to stay awake with all the noise.

On day two, however, we began out to walk about town and see some of the sites and people, and even though it was a beautiful sunny day we quickly found out what an Argentina winter was like. It was cold!


Lessons from Argentina
Keeping warm with his guitar