I decided to combine day 3 and 4 together. Mostly they involved wondering around town and taking pictures of the old buildings and seeing some of the signs. Also, since we were in town for a film festival we spent most of the time watching films and meeting other filmmakers.


The weather for the most part was pretty nice considering we were in Serbia in December. The weather did start to get cold on the final day of the trip with some freezing rain. However, we did manage to find a restaurant for breakfast that wasn’t full of smokers. So if you are looking for a place check out The Red Bread . The food was good and as mentioned it was possible to enjoy a meal without wondering how many years were being deducted from our lives for all the cigarette smoke we would be inhaling.  Here is an interesting yet not surprising at all fact about Serbia, the 4th highest cause of death in the country is lung Cancer.


For dinner that evening we were out with a couple locals and managed to find a great restaurant. As they often say when traveling, go where the locals go. And when we did we had a delicious meal and some good drinks.


A few observations about Belgrade:
  1. Everyone we encountered spoke fluent English.
  2. Find a local to visit places with.
  3. The food and alcohol is inexpensive.
  4. People are not the most friendly.
  5. It is a smokers paradise.
smoking kills