Sometimes I can be a traditionalist and on the subject of Eggs Benedict I admit that I am fine with that. I have no problem with people who like the fancy preparations with fish, funky breads, or odd sauces. For me an Eggs Benny should start with an English muffin, a slice of ham, a properly poached eggs, a good Hollandaise sauce, served hot.

You would think it would be easy to find this but is not.  Often it’s served after having sat out to long so that it is cold.  Or chefs will try different breads or combinations of ingredients. For this list I am simply ranking the best traditional Eggs Benedict in Dublin, Ireland.

Canal Bank Cafe –  When it comes to making the most accurate Eggs Benedict, as of right now, The Canal Bank Cafe is the top of the list. The muffin is reasonably English and the sauce is proper. The eggs were a bit over cooked on my last visit and the slice of ham seemed thicker than usual. But, overall this is the top of the list at the moment. Still not a great Eggs Benny, because this is Dublin, but a pretty darn good one. Also, the side of potatoes is really nice.

Herbstreet Cheesy muffin, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise. Disregarding the cheesy muffin this is a pretty damn good Eggs Benedict. The meal was properly prepared without a lot of unnecessary stuff on the plate and it was served up nice and hot.

eggs benny

Taste Food CompanyTaste does taste pretty good. the eggs were we well poached and the hollandaise sauce was good. A nice simple breakfast. The downside was the bread, there was more bread than anything else as you can see in this picture. It was good bread and would have gone really on it’s own toasted with some butter or jam. As a breakfast item holding it an Eggs Benedict it was a bit much.



Wuff – I had high hopes for this place as it was recommended to me by a friend. But the eggs Benny was served on a good soft muffin not a English style one. Then it has some green leafy substance as well. At first I thought it was spinach but didn’t have the nasty metal taste of spinach. But worst of all was the sliced American style bacon on it. Look I love that style of bacon, I just love it with s side of Eggs not on an eggs Benedict. The place seemed popular for this dish and the service was good but that’s not how this scale works. So sorry Wuff but you get a low score. I will be back though. The burger looked good and they have s lovely venue. I just won’t be having eggs Benedict.

Cafe Sparks –  The eggs Benedict was served on a bun instead of an English muffin, which is common in Ireland so that didn’t surprise me. But the bacon was extra salty for some reason and the sauce was a bit cool.

KC Peaches (Pearce Street) My Eggs Benedict was served cold and the bagel it was served on was so hard I would have preferred they give me a steak knife to cut it with. The meal had clearly been sitting on the counter for a while before the waitress brought it over. Even if she had brought it over so that it was served hot it still wouldn’t have been that good.

Café Java – This place currently is at the bottom of the list with having the worst eggs Benedict I’ve have ever had. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get ill after eating it.The egg might as well have been served raw and I don’t know if I should even call what they had on it a hollindaise sauce as I think that would be offensive to everyone elses sauce. The only good thing I can say is it was cheep.