On the way to Portland from Seattle, there wasn’t much a choice unless I wanted to add a lot of time to the trip. So, I took Interstate 5 the whole way. A very long, straight, and boring ride.

While stopping a rest stop to eat a sandwich, a guy starts talkign to me, asking where I was going and all that. I told him. Then he proceeded to tell me how he was driving to Santa Fe, from Vancouver BC, where he will take part in a 20-day long bike ride. And by bike, I don’t mean motorcycle. Apparently, he and the person he was traveling with go to Missouri, or some state, bicycling the whole way. Personally, I get tired riding a bicycle less than a mile, so I was impressed with what he was doing. However, for me, I will stick with my powered engine to get me around.

Next Stop – The Portland Zig-Zag