Back on Highway 20, I headed east to a little town called Burn, where I found that I was getting tired of riding and in need of a place to sleep; I stopped at the Best Western, where they wanted to charge me way more than I wanted to pay for a room. Luckily just down the street was a less expensive place with a very nice lady who rented me a room for the night.

Oh, and there is a bee in my room as I’m typing this!

Across the street was a pizza place where I had a calzone that took forever to get, “forcing” me to consume two beers while waiting, and one with my dinner. Sitting at the table next to me were three people from Ireland, who were making a road trip for the east coast to Portland. We chatted for a bit before I went back to the room for some sleep.
I know, this isn’t the most exciting update about the trip. More exciting would be I went barhopping with the people from Ireland, and we had a grand time, but sometimes the reality of a road trip is, it can be boring. On some evenings you find a room in a small town, grab a beer and food, then call it a night. This is one of those nights.

But, if you want something a little icky, this cute tuft of hair was in my bed.

hair in bed
Things you don’t want to find in a hotel bed.

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