I was recently having a conversation with a cousin about moving to Ireland. She mentioned on a trip here how much she loved it and I responded I loved it at first but I also miss some of the amenities that come from living in the US. There is a reason so many Irish move to the US after all.

Cheese and Onion Potato Chips

For example potato chips. I know this is a small thing but sometimes you have a craving for a potato chip (crisps to the Europeans) that isn’t cheese and onion flavored. Occasionally you want a cheese and sour cream, a box of Cheese-Its, or good quality barbeque chip.

cheese and onion
Standard Irish chip selection

A side note, my cousin was so smitten by the cheese and onion chips that she asked me to send her a couple of bags.

And before anyone responds with, “but you can get Dorito’s here or Pringles. Or those ones that taste like bacon rolled in an old ashtray.” Yes, I know but compare the chip aisle at an Irish grocery store.

And now the chip isles at an American grocery store.

So much selection from both sides of the isle

Say what you will about the US. At least there is a variety of food to select from.

chips or crisps
don’t want chips, here are some cheese and onion rings