Colonia Del Sacramento is really a beautiful town. We arrived on a lovely night and were quickly able to find a really nice little boutique hotel to stay called the Hotel Riviera. After checking in the first thing we did was walk down to the waterfront and along with the other tourist to see the beautiful sunset.

Colonia Del Sacramento is a bit of tourist town but they have still managed to maintain the rustic and old world feel to make it a pleasant experience. Many of the streets are brick with stucco houses lining the sides all with a Spanish flair to them.

The first few days in town were fantastic with the nice weather, the sites, and the lovely little hotel. Unfortunately, I began to pick up a little bit of a cold and my traveling partner turned out to be a bit skitzo. So as the rain appeared, drenching us in freezing weather and increasing the misery of my cold which was preventing me from sleeping I began to look forward to home.

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