sick dog
Sad Drugged Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a lump on my dog’s hip. It kind of felt like someone had taken one of those stress balls and slipped it under the skin. Last week a friend of mine felt it and commented that I should get it checked out. I made an appointment and took her to the vet last week ($45.00), thinking it might be some kind of cyst. At the vet’s office she told me that it could be a tumor, and even if it wasn’t a tumor, it should be removed. I scheduled the appointment for Wednesday to have it surgically removed ($439.00). The operation went fine, and I picked her up drugged, falling all over the place, and wearing headgear ($25.85), but hey, at least she’s fine now. They are sending the lump off to find out for sure what it is. Next week I take her back to have the stitches removed ($?)

For all this, I could have just bought a new dog! A cheaper dog! A dog that doesn’t shed all over my house! But I couldn’t live without her. Damn dog!