It’s a lot like Ireland but also very different. Yes, both countries have accents to us Americans, and both have a love of whiskey or whisky if you prefer. But when it comes to Whiskey (I spell it with an ey), there is a reason the Scots are known as the experts, and with this trip, we decided to spend ten days driving through the country and visiting some of the distilleries and tastings along the way.

The Flight

Ryan Air typically sucked in that when we checked in the girl didn’t give me a stamp I needed on my ticket, and when we went to board the flight, the guy at the counter gave me a hard time for it. I started to argue about it, as it wasn’t my fault, but he let ryan air yellowme on anyway and took my bag so that I didn’t have to pay for checked luggage. On the plain, it was a typical Ryan Air flight with yellow in the face and a lot of announcements, but with such a short flight we didn’t suffer too long.

Upon arriving and going to the Dollar Rental car stand where the guy working named Greg spent the first 10 minutes talking to us about where we were from, about Ireland, and sports before finally starting to check me in for the reservation. After more talking while checking and after we eventually did get through. I’m giving him a hard time but a very friendly person even with the first encounter of the thick Scottish accents.

First Stop

We stayed the night in a small village called Tarbet and the Bay Tarbet Hotel. We were looking at the small town past Tarbet, but the hotel seemed pretty nice on the outside. Inside it was a bit run down, but for a place so old that is to be expected, and we enjoyed the stay, even if the bed was as solid as a rock.

Dinner was had at what looked like an old church turned into a restaurant. It was apparently set up to cater to the tourist coming through, the waiter had his kilt on, and it was decorated in an old Scottish style. Still, a lovely experience and the mac and cheese and fries dinner were delicious. The roast wasn’t as good and a bit tough to eat, but when washed down with a couple of glasses of whiskey everything tastes better. Especially since we were able to get Glengoyne 15yr and Smokehead extra rare for about half the price we would pay in Ireland for the same sized shot of booze.


old hotel