You know those random thoughts you might have at times where you are eating something or see something and think of a funny ad to accompany it? Sometimes when I have free time in the studio I might follow those thoughts to fruition. In the examples below I have some fun with advertising, or fun with fake advertising.


Birds Eye

This one came to me when I bought some frozen vegetables, opened the bag to find that inside the bag more plastic. They have divided up the vegetables into smaller portions.

Drumph University Commercial

Closed down because of fraudulent business practices, the inspiration for this commercial is probably obvious.


Doritos Commercial – Football vs Rugby

This was for a contest. I didn’t realize that having a jersey with the actual team and branded beer and liquor made the commercial not eligible for the contest until after submitting it. Here it is anway.


A Date by Candlelight

Candles. The beer goggles of lighting.


And some print ads. Just for the fun!

fake ad for red heels