bring on the giant bowl of seafood

On a recent visit to the U.S. I decided to do a little photographic essay of all the delicious and not super healthy food I ate. I know that it is possible to eat healthy in the U.S. but why? If in the U.S. for a visit one might as experience a bit of gluttony.

The main thing I was looking forward to eating was Mexican food. The Mexican options in Dublin are limited and what is available would hardly be considered Mexican. More like Mexican themed.


Starting it off with a good margarita


mexican food
enchilada and taco


More Margaritas


Late night Tacos by Taco Slime – low quality because they are open late yet somehow taste good after a few drinks.

The best Mexican food of course comes from food trucks and a friend took me to one that was fantastic. Little corn tortilla tacos that I wanted to continue to eat but had to force myself to stop eating so as to not die from gluttony. They were so delicious in fact that I forgot to take a picture of them.

The next on the list of foods that I can’t get in Ireland is a proper chicken teriyaki. So of course this was my lunch for a couple of days.




Most days involved a proper breakfast.




giant cinnamon roll
Massively unnecessary soda


Chowder and a delicious beer at the Rogue Brewery in Astoria, Oregon.

I asked an Irish friend once if he knew of any places I could get a french dip in Dublin. He didn’t know what one was. This my friend is a French Dip!


Pork Sliders


The Super Bird. A chicken burger and a drink at the movie theater, while watching the movie.


We ate fancy food as well.


and drank good wine.


In Ireland they have great quality meat, cows that graze on grass, and then they over cook it to a point of chewy beef jerky.

This is what a steak should look like and taste like Ireland.

So juicy, so tender.



At the airport for the flight back it seemed necessary to eat some vegetables.