This tutorial will walk through how to create a sepia tone in Photoshop. I’ve been using these steps since Photoshop CS3 so they should be good for whatever version you are using. If you are a beginner in Adobe Photoshop this is an easy process to follow.


Sepia Tone

  • Select Image> Mode> Grayscale
    • at the Message pop up, select Discard
  • Then select Image> Mode> Duotone:
    • This will bring up the Duotone Options dialog box
  • In the Type dropdown verify that Duotone is selected
  • Select Inks:
    • In the Ink 1 field:
    • click on the second square and enter the number C48F56 in the appropiate field
    • Hit OK
    • You must name your inks, name this one sepia 1 (or whatever you want)
    • Repeat steps for Ink 2
    • selecting black for the color 000000.
  • After selecting Inks hit OK to save inks
  • The sepia tone will be extreme, we will fix this in the next steps
    • NOTE: the duotone inks will be saved for next time
  • Select Image> Mode> RGB Color
  • Adjust the saturation levels
  • Choose Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation (CTRL+U)
  • Move the Saturation slider to the left, approximatly -40%.
  • Hit OK



  1. Start with grayscale image
  2. Change to RGB
  3. Image > Mode > RGB color
  4. Click on create a new adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the layer palette and choose Hue/Saturation
  5. In the dialog box click the Colorize button to turn it on
  6. Set hue at approximately 40
  7. Lower the saturation to approximately 10 to 15
  8. Click OK