When I decided to focus more on my writing, I felt that by setting a goal that was attainable would make it more likely to succeed. The reason many people don’t achieve those “New Year goals” or other goals is they will often set the bar too high. So, by setting my writing goal as something that is not far off from what I normally do, the objective was easier to achieve. Another reason I could achieve this goal is I blogged about it. Letting others know what I was doing motivated me to follow through to not look like a quitter.


Previously my goal was to write at least 5 minutes a day for 5 days a week. On average, I wrote twice a week at around 20 minutes each. So, for the month of April, I decided I could do at least 15 minutes a day for 6 days a week.


I wrote for 15 minutes a day, and the results turned out pretty good. Of the days I was supposed to write, I missed 3 days. One because I got busy and forgot about it. I made up for it the next day by writing for 30 minutes. The other two missed days were because I was sick and medicated. I wrote an extra day on one of my days off. So, out of 30 days, I didn’t write for 5 of them. Since two of those were days off, calculating 3 days of not writing when I should have that gave me a 90% Good if I say so.



When I started the project, I expected that my writing times would go longer than 15 minutes and my word count would increase over the month, but that wasn’t the case. Other than a few outliers the time I spent writing and the word count didn’t change from the beginning to the end of the month.


Including the no Writing Days

  • My average word count was 526
  • My average time spent writing was 17 minutes

Removing the no Writing Days

  • My average word count was 631
  • My average time spent writing was 21 minutes

I had days that I wasn’t motivated to write, or not motivated to work on the things I wanted to work on. For those days I did some free form writing. I sat down and wrote the first thing that came to my head. It won’t ever get published or be seen by anyone, but like an athlete exercises regularly even on days they don’t have a game, or a musician practices on days they don‘t have a concert, a writer should still write to keep the brain working.


The only disappointing aspect of the project was that I did not spend as much time working on my next book as I wanted. I worked on it a little but spent more time writing blog posts than any other subject.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I found this to be a useful endeavor to motivate myself to write more regularly. One of the arguments we give ourselves about not writing is being too busy. Even on busy days, I managed to squeeze time in, except for the one mentioned above. Going forward I plan to stick with my new goal of 15 minutes minimum per session at 5 days a week now that I have proven to myself that I can achieve this goal. The only change is I will include re-writing and editing to what is allowed, compared to the experiment where it was only new content.