One of the activates they offer to help us learn a little of the local language. So today, we all gathered in a room where Shawna, one of the locals attempted to teach us some local terms and a song. Knowing full well that I wouldn’t retain any of it, I did take some notes. Others however seem more interested in asking her about her personal life and marriages between couples in Zimbabwe and how they work.


Some highlights

  • Good morning – wa mooka sae
    • Response – da mooka
  • Good afternoon – we sware sae
    • Response – da shwara
  • No – quete
  • Yes – wangoo
  • Excuse me – pam saware
Since we are volunteering in an animal park
  • Lion – shumba
  • Elephant – zo
  • Cat – kitty (I can remember this one0
  • Chicken – wooko
  • dog – embwa
And of course, since I’m with a group of mostly girls, they have a few they wanted to know as well
  • Beautiful – waka noka
  • Ugly – waka shata
  • I love you – de noku farea
  • Awesome – shaka naka
  • Take your top off – visa hembe¬†
So, waka noka laides, if you could please visa hembe