Before moving to Ireland I was told that St. Patrick’s Day is a much more subdued event than in the US. Now that I have experienced my first official St. Patrick’s here, I would describe St. Patrick’s in Dublin as involving a lot of people wearing green articles of clothing, consuming excessive amount of beer especially Guinness, and watching a parade. If this sounds a lot like St. Patrick’s in most US cities, that would be because it is, all the way down to marching bands from the US in the parade.

I would imagine in the rural areas the holiday is a more subdued event, but it could be said in the countryside of the US it is also a much more subdued event.

St. Patrick's Day


Overall, my first St. Patrick’s weekend was a grand experience of hanging out with friends, drinking whisky, and attempting to see over the massive crowd of heads preventing me from actually seeing any of the parade. Lesson learned. Next year, show up very early to get a good view.