Since moving to Dublin I have only driven a car once. It is one of the nice things about living in the city and Dublin having efficient mass transit. The downside, however, of working for Microsoft is that our office is quite a ways outside of town as compared to the offices of our competitors. So, getting to work each day I take the Luas, which is Dublin’s light rail system. It is a very efficient and affordable method of travel that gets me to the office within a consistently short amount of time.

After riding it for a few days I did notice a trend in the behavior of the riders that I thought was interesting, and that’s the desire some people seem to have to get to work super quick. Many people will often move their way towards the door well before the Luas reaches the stop. Many will often start hitting the exit button before it lights up and then push their way through the crowds in a hurry. And so, for some fun, I decided to make a little video of what it is like to ride the Luas to work each day.