A few years ago there was a craze where people would take one photograph a day and do a 365 Project. Sometimes it would be a random photo and other times it might have a theme. Well, a few years ago I was working for Microsoft Ireland and the lunches served in the cafeteria were sometimes not the greatest. So, I decided to do a 365 project taking a picture of my lunch each day. Of course, shortly after starting the project I decided to leave the company and start-up my own business. Yet, being a committed person I decided to keep doing the project taking a picture of my lunch each day.

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A few lessons I learned in doing this project:

  • I’m terrible a remembering to take a picture of my lunch each day. The total was well over 365 days with the first photo taken August 5, 2015 and the last one taken February 28, 2018.
  • I eat a lot of burritos for lunch. Mostly because they are good and close to my place of work.
  • I pay for lunch too much and need to take a lunch to work more often.
  • My lunches tend to balance pretty evenly from unhealthy to healthy.
  • 365 projects are boring and I don’t foresee myself doing one again in the future.