Friday things were starting to look up. After a rough night of no air-condition and vehicle noise from the open window we were off to The Korineum Golf and Beach Resort. Were we were met with friendly check-in experience, English speaking reception workers, and a nice room. The room was a standard room it was fantastic when compared to what we had been experiencing. We only had a view of some trees and the pool but there would be no traffic or dirt parking lot to stare at. And it has a nice private, quiet, feel to it as we stood on the balcony.


After checking in the first thing we did was go to the beach. An actual real beach. Yes a rocky one but still a beach. They also had a nice grassy area and a little café for lunch.



The night we went back towards Bellapais Abbey for a lovely dinner and opera at the abbey cathedral. It was really quite a lovely evening with the only actual negative being that the taxi driver got us lost on the way back to the resort.



As he was driving in noticed he was going in the wrong direction so I said something at which point he responded with a lack of knowledge on where we wanted to go. Luckily, I had a business card of the resort and showed him that. Unfortunately he still didn’t know the destination. Eventually he called someone and handed the phone to me, I explained to that person where we were going, and gave the phone back for that person to explain to him. When we eventually arrived back at the hotel I had to argue over the bill as he tried to charge us the full amount, including his long period of driving in the wrong direction. We eventually settled on an amount and went back to the room in the nice quite resort for a nice relaxing evening looking at the stars from the balcony.


We learned something at the resort and that was that it is possible to have good service and a beach and a nice experience in a report in northern Cyprus. Too bad it was only for one night and for our last day we were back at the Malpas.