Sure, the toilet seat was broken and the button to flush it had to be pushed multiples times, once to flush another to stop it from flushing. And yes, the shower drain didn’t work, causing the basin to overflow spilling soapy water all over the bathroom floor. At least the shower had good water pressure, unlike our last place. Real good in fact. So good we couldn’t use it to full pressure due to the drain problem. And sure, the balcony of the room overlooked the driveway to the main building at the hotel, giving us an occasional wake-up when a loud car raced up the hill to the hotel, at least it didn’t reek of cigarettes like the last room.

We walked over to the main building where the breakfast buffet was serviced. The room was set up with multiple rows of buffet food to the right, with a bunch of large round tables to the left. Each table could seat 5 to 6 people, yet since most of the guests were couples, each table was underutilized. After getting out food, we first attempted to go outside and enjoy the nice warm morning weather with our breakfast, but just as the space inside was poorly utilized with more table than people, so was the outside seating area. They had most of the tables set for four people and taking up unnecessary space that could easily be split to add more two people tables. We ended up back inside at the larger since outside was all full.

As we ate and discussed our plan, it was a quick decision to spend our first day on vacation relaxing by the nice large circular pools. The pools, or pool since they were connected, was surrounded by nice lounge chairs to relax in, shaded umbrellas to keep our pale skins pale for the return to Ireland. There was only one real flaw with the pool experience, and it involved the music they had playing the whole time. Over to the side of the pool was a small building with tables, a bar that serviced food, and above the bar were two speakers that they kept nice and loud. Plugged into the speakers was a three disk CD changer that they rotated four CD’s through. A spice Girls CD, a Backstreet Boys CD, and a summer hits of the 90’s CD. Remember Mambo Number 5anyone? We got to hear it a lot. Oh, and one more CD. I don’t know what it was actually called, but we dubbed it shitty Turkish dance club music CD.

Before heading to the pool, we made a quick stop in the spa to book a couple of massages for the next day.  It took a while to book them because the lady working the counter didn’t speak any English, which was getting annoying because we were at a hotel where 90% of the guests were native English speakers, and we had yet to interact with anyone who could speak more than 10% English.