There are a few advantages to working for a large soul-sucking corporation that is set on world domination. We get access to the company store, decent medical benefits, and of course free soda in the break rooms. But the real advantage is that global footprint. Somehow, I managed to convince my large soul-sucking company that I know what I’m doing, and in doing so, have gained the opportunity to relocate to Dublin, Ireland.

luck of the Irish

I’ve often said that my next move would involve a tropical island and a sailboat, not an island with weather like Seattle where the skies are full of clouds and rain. And, it could be debated as to which has the worst weather Seattle or Dublin. Yet, for or me the desire to live overseas, to meet new people, to travel throughout Europe of my vacations and holidays, far outweighs the possible crappy weather and continued employment with my soul-sucking corporation. A soul-sucking corporation that I have to thank for the opportunity to do something I might not have had without this particular employer.

And so I pack my things, sell my car and motorcycle, say goodbye to friends and loved ones and move on to the next stage in my life. The next stage on the other side of the planet drinking Irish whiskey and photographing the beautiful countryside.

Thank you, large soul-sucking corporation. My soul is gladly yours… At least for a little while longer. I might eventually want it back.

Cheers, (as they say)