I don’t understand what BMW was thinking with the design of the seat on my bike. I realize they are German and have a different level of what they consider comfortable, but the seat on that thing is ridiculous. Besides being super hard on my scrawny ass, it’s like they designed it to force the rider to lean forward, or maybe sit straight like on an exercise ball. I don’t know. What I do know is that it basically forces a rider, such as myself, to more or less press down on his nutsack the whole time. I’m literally trying to continually adjust myself to relieve the pressure on my balls as I ride. And it’s not like I have large droopy testicles. I would assume they are normal girth and have a standard sag factor when it comes to how they hang while sitting.

So far the only thing I have come up with that works, besides standing, is to scoot forward so that I’m leaning forward to where the seat begins to rise back up to the gas tank. This allows me to rest my balls on the gas tank, of sorts, and relieve the pressure. This also has an added benefit of the vibrating engine massaging my nuts.


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