Checking out of the hostel I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in the experience. Didn’t have any interesting conversations with fellow travelers, and most importantly didn’t hook up with some hot, yet easy, European chick for the night in my private room with walls so thin I had to use earplugs and Ambien to fall asleep. On the plus side, it did save me money, the place was located next to the bus station, and they provided breakfast and dinner both nights. And of course, it gave me a break from the 24 hours of flight time. Would I stay here again? Only if I’m traveling on a budget, which I’m not, making staying here unnecessary.

On a plus it gave me some time, sitting in the community room to do some re-writing a few short stories I wrote a while back, and prepping them for some short story contest I might enter in some day.  Hopefully a good sign a to improvement in my writing skills.

FYI – Continual laptop updates are annoying, as is the techno music in the only room that I can get a Wi-Fi connection.