If you have been following my cryptocurrency adventures, you might recall in Part 5 of this series I used the Jaxx app as my mobile wallet. At the time it made sense. Now that I have mined a bit it is time to trade my bitcoin for dollars.

I logged into the app to see that I have $25.80 worth of Bitcoin. The first option I tried was to send the money to Coinbase and exchange it for a currency. However, there is a transaction fee to send bitcoin. The fee varies but at the moment it is $37.46. Which is of course a problem since my bitcoin is currently valued at $25.80.

Playing With Cryptocurrency part 6

The next thing I tried was to exchange it for a cryptocurrency that doesn’t have as high of a transaction fee. At the moment there is no fee for Litecoin. So, I selected “Trade” and to do that I need to use an exchange. The app gave me three options for exchanges. Two of them don’t allow for such a small amount. However, ShapeShift does give me an option for exchanging. So, I selected it and went to set up an account. Entered my information and received a response of “Verification Failed”.



I emailed them to see why and received this response.

Your information has been received. We have determined you are not eligible for an account at this time. If you have entered the information correctly, please consider our product and services are not available for everyone. Our Terms and Conditions fully cover this topic.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Ron Sharding

Customer Support


Okay, maybe I’m not eligible. Wondering what that reason was, I emailed back saying, “Why am I not eligible for an account?” Expecting them to provide the reason I failed verification. Instead, I received:

We are really sorry to inform you that you are not eligible for some ShapeShift services. As a reminder, you can still use our mobile wallet and Platform to send/receive and track your crypto performance. Thank you for understanding as our decision is final.

Our Terms and Conditions fully cover this topic.

Ray RingSignature (ShapeShift)

Customer Support


Getting a bit offended at this point, I replied, “That doesn’t answer the question. Why? Do you have a problem with my race, gender, age, social status, income level, nationality? What exactly makes me ineligible versus someone who is?”

and received this as a response:

We are really sorry about that. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions if you have further questions about your membership. Thank you for understanding as our decision is final and irrevocable.


Ray RingSignature

Customer Support


Now let’s be honest here. First, Ron and Ray are not sorry at all. They couldn’t care less. But, the fact that they can’t answer the question is unbelievable. A generic response of sending someone to terms of service isn’t a response it means they don’t know. They literally are incapable of knowing I was denied service and are trying to pass it off. I’m assuming it was some backend system verification, but due to incompetence or laziness they don’t have the ability to figure that out.

Now I have bitcoin that I mined stuck in my Jaxx wallet because ShapeShift won’t let me have an account with them and are so inept they can’t answer the question why.


shapeshift feedback
Okay, maybe not worst ever but still really bad.


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