Frankfurt has turned out to be relatively uneventful. Other than a break from the plane, a trip to the museum, I wouldn’t say so far that it was worth the extra cost associated with the layover. I might be able to appreciate the hostel better if it weren’t for the loud techno-base-thumping-house-music blaring from the speakers in the public room, forcing me and possibly others to spend time elsewhere. Or maybe just me, as I’m not into techno-euro-punk that is so loud I can’t understand the person next to me.

The public room is laid out with worn down tables that the meals are served, a small section of furniture including a sofa, some chairs, and a small coffee table, and a small balcony that is always full shoulder to shoulder with smokers. It is interesting to look around and see people from all countries intertwining and socializing with one another. And if the music wasn’t so loud, I might try socializing as well. Instead, I think it is off to my private room I paid extra for, my little TV, and the hopes of finding a show in English to watch until the Ambien kicks in and I fall to sleep.