I had another comment about the food but forgot what it was, so instead I’m going to write about the dust and the dirt and the dust and the dirt in the air.

Overall the plant life is more abundant than what I thought it would be. the trees are thin, the grass is a light brown, and any shrubbery is much rougher to touch than to look at. But the dirt and dust floats around the air amplifying the heat as it is blown around in the wind. The temperatures I’m assuming are in the upper 80’s (Fahrenheit) during the days overall leaving me satisfied with not sweating everywhere I go. My imagination runs with the thoughts of what it must be like here when it is really hot and dry, since I am here during the cooler, yet dryer season. The heat in the air mixed with the dust must be oppressive during the summer to someone like me who is used to the humid climate of the northwest. However, it does make for some lovely sunsets.