It has been fascinating to live in and watch the evolution of Ireland over the past few years. The country as a whole has been religiously conservative since Saint Patrick’s brought Catholicism to Ireland in 431 AD. Yet, in a very short time, the country has become exceptionally progressive.

Evolution of Ireland

Up until 1995, it was almost impossible to get a divorce. Yes, that is correct for the rest of the modern world.  Up until that point the process of getting a divorce was very difficult and it took the 18th amendment to the Irish constitution to remove constitutional prohibition on divorce. Yes again, for those ready, the Irish constitution prohibited divorce.

Only a few years ago, in 2015 Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage by popular vote. Any other country that has legalized it has done it through government legislation. Yet, Ireland was able to do with 62% of the voters approving gay and lesbian to get married just like the rest of us… and divorced thanks to that 18th amendment.

And now, this last weekend the country went from an EU country with some of the most restrictive restrictions on abortion to allowing abortion for those in need. Before this last weekend, Ireland has seen women who died due to pregnancy complications because of the abortion law. Women who could afford it would have to go to other countries if one was needed. Or, sometimes they would have to order abortion pills online in the hopes that they wouldn’t get caught and put in jail. Yes, a person could go to jail in Ireland for an abortion. Now, the people have progressed to a point of letting women decide what happens to their body. Now, they can not only decide what goes into it, they can decide what comes out of it.

To me, coming from the US to Ireland, it is amazing to see how the country is changing. in Ireland the masses are getting smarter and more progressive as time goes on, while my own country seems to be going backward.

What’s Next Ireland?

I don’t know but I can say that I’m looking forward to seeing what is next- hopefully, something to do with the high taxes or housing problems.