For quite a few years the United States has been number one when it came to the waist size of our population, and it was only recently that we were passed by Mexico, who is now the fattest country in the world. When driving down the road in the US we pass rows of fast food restaurants serving the same low-quality beef, fries, and HFCS filled sodas all super-sized filling us with empty calories. And with the US government subsidizing the low-quality food industry, it’s not a huge surprise that we are the fattest country in the world… second fattest.

Before moving to Ireland, a friend told me that she hated the food in Ireland from when she came here on a honeymoon. Plus, from what I have read and heard about living in Europe my expectation was that when eating out, the portions would be smaller and less flavorful. I have found the opposite, that eating in Ireland a lot like eating in the US. The portions are large, and often I have been unable to finish my meal at a local restaurant.

After four months in here, I was also proud of the fact that I managed to drink coffee from shops other than a Starbucks and have been able to avoid eating at a McDonalds or a Burger King, which are all sprouting up all over the country and always look packed with customers. The same people who complain about how the chains are ruining the country while they shovel the extra large portions into their mouths.

At the airport recently, however, I did have to break down and eat at a Burger King. Not because I wanted it, but because of the limited options available. The girl behind the counter was properly trained to try to upsell me on the super-sized meal and offer an additional item as a desert, which I declined. Upon consuming the Whopper that I ordered without mayo and came with mayo anyway, I found it tasted the same as I remember it from the last time I ate one. Better than anything from McDonald’s but not something I would want to eat on a regular bases. After eating I felt dehydrated due to the amount of salt consumed, and shortly after boarding my plane, my stomach began to rumble, and I felt a strong desire to take a ginormous dump. Luckily it was a short flight to London and not long from landing to my hotel with its nice clean toilet.

What’s the point of this post? Nothing really, just random thoughts on food.