One could argue that it is three days in Istanbul counting the arrival day and the leaving day, but let us count it as two days because the first day involved travel. The travel day was interesting in the sense that I experienced the worlds least happiest immigration agent. You could actually see and hear her sigh as she stamped each passport and rolled her eyes with everyone’s passport she reviewed. My smiles didn’t get me any points with her as she frowned in returned before stamping my passport and we caught a cab to the hotel for one of the scariest cab rides of my life. The cabbie was a master at weaving in and out of traffic and probably got us to the hotel in much less time than a normal driver would. I would have given him a decent tip if he didn’t already try to wheezle some extra money from us in the ride.

It was also still early enough to check into the hotel, relax for a bit, then wander around the self-proclaimed hipster capital of Istanbul for some excellent food. The itinerary for the next two days: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Outdoor Market, Turkish Baths with Massages, and lots of good food. Oh, and an occasional cat wondering around the streets.

To much food for just a breakfast, but good


Ceiling of the blue mosque