The group I’m working through provides someone to pick me up at the airport and a place to say in Harare for the night. It was a funny experience because the only thing I could think about was getting some sleep, and the lady who ran the place kept wanting to talk. Eventually, after a shower, I was able to excuse myself for a quick nap before dinner. A dinner involving a glass of what I would say was a bottle of wine that had long passed its drink-by date. After dinner, a little reading, a short conversation with an older couple who was staying there, and I was off to get some more sleep.

After a long bus ride where I saw the flatlands of the country, the dry fields, and thin trees. The people were standing on the sides of the roads selling whatever it is that they can. I finally arrived at the park. Not much going on and haven’t had too much along the lines of interesting conversation with others, but it was only the first day, and it can take time to get to know people.