Off the west coast of Ireland, not far from Galway are the Aran Islands. The three islands are a beautiful place to visit for scenery and ancient monuments.

The most popular of the three is the largest as well is Inis Mór, so this is the one I looked at going to first. Some ferries run to the islands, and since this was my first trip to the islands, it made sense to check this one out. In doing a little research, I found this video made to encourage people to visits the island.



A couple of things to notice from the video is the usage of the music from the movie Titanic, and within the first minute or so, the couple in the video walks into a Spar for food. I have nothing against Spar, and in fact, there is one across the street from my apartment which I visit often. But, having said that if I wanted to get lunch at a Spar, I wouldn’t need to bus across the country followed up by a ferry ride.

So after watching the first tourist video that motivated me not to go to a place, we went to the smallest of the three islands Inis Oírr.

The Island is really lovely and well worth a visit. But unless planning on staying in the B&B for the night, most of the sites can easily be seen in a single day.

There is a bicycle rental shop right as you get off the ferry, also drivers of horse-drawn carriages are available to tour around on.


First stop was to the shipwreck of The Plassey. The ship was thrown against the rocky shore in March of 1960. The entire crew was rescued and the remains of the ship are now a tourist destination to explore.

The Plassey Shipwreck
The Plassey shipwreck
I’ll do a separate post later on this graveyard.


Saint Caomhan’s Church

The highest point of the island is O’Brien Fort


Behind O’Brien Fort is a lookout tower


A view of the town below the castle.

The entire island is covered with these rock corals used for the cattle on the island.



According to the sign, this stricture dates to the bronze age around 1500 BC

And our ride back to the mainland.