Travel, photography, a couple of books, and some random thoughts.

I studied and performed in theatrical productions in college and post college in the United States. From that point many years were spent in the corporate world moving around the world, before I left financial safety to be a creative again.

As a filmmaker I primarily I focus my time behind the camera.  I have worked as DOP on multiple films, as well as editing and other roles on set. I have also acted and directed numerous short films for the web and festivals, and I am the co-creator and host of the YouTube series “No Budget” I also also partnered on a video production company D Studios Media focusing on corporate and promotional video production.

As a photographer I am also the owner of D Studios Photography. The studio is located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

the books

How to Manage Your Manager is an entertaining look at being successful in the corporate environment. An Expat's Guide to Ireland is for anyone considering a move.

a satirical look at being successful in a corporate environment, told from the point of view of one who has done it. Available in paperback and kindle at Amazon

Describing the experiences of the author who left the United States in order to build a new life in Ireland, including the necessary bureaucratic steps such as sorting out customs, work permit and the perils of apartment hunting in Dublin.

Available in paperback and kindle at Amazon…

One Night in Kelso is short story of a young man spending a long night on the lonely streets of Kelso, Washington. The only thing to keep him company is the November rain and the thoughts of what he did that caused him to end up in that situation.

Available as a kindle exclusive… 

Very readable and strangely so true. Denison entertains and educates. If you are reading Galbraith, Ishikawa, Drucker, Kaplan or Peters get a copy of this for some balance and a different perspective of modern corporations and how to succeed in them.

How to Manage Your Manager

I read this book a year or so after moving to Ireland myself and wish it had been published earlier. I enjoyed the blend of authentic storytelling, brutal honesty, useful facts and helpful explanations of how to establish a new life in this country.

An Expat's Guide

Denison writes with such clarity in this fresh perspective on the human condition. This could have been a lost chapter from Jack Kerouac's "On the Road". A rare new talent.

One Night in Kelso

I'm usually not the biggest fan of self-help books but this one is different - while it is described as satirical I honestly thought a lot of it was all too true and spot on as a no-bullshit view on how the corporate world can work.

How to Manage Your Manager