Primary I spend my time as a writer and actor. However, I occasionally do a bit of work behind the camera as a director including films such as “The Social Experiment” which won the Special Jury Award at the Wexford Documentary Film Festival in 2016 and a film noir called “Dirty Money.” My film “The iPatch” was shown at the 14th Underground Cinema Film Awards in 2021. And most recently a short I directed called, “Chance” was an award-winning film at the Aastha International Film Festival this year.

Directing Resume


The iPatch | Writer/Director | When social media usage impacts a relationship.
Dirty Money | Director | A rundown PI gets drawn into poker game at the behest of an old flame.
The Social Experiment | Director | Have you ever tried applying for public assistance as an artist?
Decisions | Writer/Director | One persons bad decision impacts former friends.
Confessions | Writer/Director | A woman regrets a bad decision and goes to confession with mixed results.
NosferaTwo | Writer/Director | NosferaTwo is a short silent film featuring Nosferatu in a modern world.


A Bed Full of Foreigners | SCC Players
Nominis Expers De Fabul | 2Nomad Productions


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